Rome E-Prix


  • Jaguar I-TYPE 2 narrowly misses out on podium finish in hard-fought E-Prix
  • Mitch Evans delivers more points for the team finishing in P9
  • Panasonic Jaguar Racing record team’s best qualifying result in P3

Rome E-Prix in photos

Panasonic Jaguar Racing build momentum with a solid performance in Rome

Rome E-prix race report

The Formula E championship, now in its 4th season, finally arrived in Europe, with the 1st stop of the European leg of the season being in Rome, Italy. We arrived in Rome on Friday 13th April, where we were lucky enough to be greeted by wonderful sunny weather, and we could already feel the excitement which was building for the weekend’s race. In fact, it was the first time that Formula E had been held in Italy, a country where its people are very engaged with the traditional Formula 1 championship, so there was a lot of curiosity and expectation regarding the E-Prix.

When we arrived at the circuit, the day before the race, we met a member of the team from the Panasonic Jaguar Racing (PJR) staff, who gave us the chance to access the pit lane and get very close to the PJR cars. It was interesting and amazing to see all the accuracy and concentration shown by the PJR team members whilst they were getting the cars ready for the race. We also got the opportunity to see the two drivers whilst they were busy preparing for the race the next day.

On Saturday 14th, the day of the race, the racetrack was very crowded. There were lots of fans wearing shirts and caps of their favourite teams. The E-Village building (called ‘la Nuvola (The cloud) for its unusual shape) was the main area for all the activities that were going on in the village. We tried the driving simulator, which gave us the feeling of driving a Formula E car. We then got to see the electric motorcycles, as well as a number of prototype cars. One of the focuses with the prototype cars was the innovation of more traditional vehicles through adapting them with electric engines. The theme of electrification was in fact not only focused on the race cars, next to the ‘La Nuvola’ building, fans were able to perform a test drive on the first entirely electric Jaguar SUV, the I-Pace.

We had such an exciting experience on the day of the race, attending the qualifying session during the morning and the race in the afternoon. Mitch Evans qualified in 3rd position, whilst Nelson Piquet Jr qualified in 13th position. Before the start of the race, we could watch (live from the huge monitors in front of the main grandstand) the interviews of the FIA president Jean Todt and Alejandro Agag, founder and current CEO of Formula E.

At 4pm the music which was being played by the DJ from the podium stopped, the traffic lights lit up and the cars in the grid were ready to go. 3,2,1… lights off and the race started! During the first part of the race, the positions seemed to be frozen, with Felix Rosenqvist (Mahindra Racing) holding 1st place, followed by Sam Bird (DS Virgin Racing) and Mitch Evans of PJR. During the first 15 laps we witnessed a great performance by Jose Maria Lopez (Dragon Racing) who gained 8 positions, and by Luca Filippi (Nio) who gained 4 positions performing outstanding overtakes.

At the halfway point of the race, the pit-stops for the change of the cars began. It deserves to be mentioned that the pit-stop of the E-Prix is a very crucial part of the race, in fact, it is not the typical pit-stop as in Formula One, where cars have tires changed and engines re-fuelled. Due to the fact that the electronic battery duration is not able to cover the entire race, each driver must literally change their vehicle, jumping from the one which he was driving into a new fully charged vehicle.

Whilst the race seemed to be decided, the last three laps were crazy. Mitch Evans fell 7 positions due to the low battery level of his vehicle, Sam Bird and Di Grassi had a great battle until the last lap, but at the end of the race, Sam Bird from the DS Virgin Racing team reached the highest step of the podium and his 2nd victory of the season. In the end it was bad luck for the two drivers from Panasonic Jaguar Racing, Nelson Piquet Jr. retired from the race due to issues with his seatbelt, whilst Mitch Evans closed the race in 9th position, as he suffered with low battery level.

The Rome E-Prix was captivating and very engaging. Apart from the race results, it was a great success. The grandstands were sold out and with the race taking place in the heart of the Italian Capital, it made the drivers seem like this centuries gladiators, who were all ready to challenge in the new arena. It was a pleasure to take part in the Rome E-Prix and to be chosen as GKN ambassadors, helping to celebrate the GKN partnership with Panasonic Jaguar Racing. GKN is aware of the importance of the electrification and it is fully involved in it. We hope that the partnership with PJR grows stronger overtime, with more GKN technology being added to the car in the future!

Race results

S. Bird
DS Virgin Racing
L. di Grassi
Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler
A. Lotterer
D. Abt FL
Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler
J. Vergne

Team Panasonic Jaguar Racing

M. Evans
Last: 2:11.715
Best: 1:38.677
KPH: 60.3   MPH: 97
On Lap: 26
Last: 1:40.140
Best: 1:40.140
KPH: 53.2   MPH: 85.6
On Lap: 18

Formula E Rome

Position 5 Points 88



Formula E will electrify the Italian streets for the first ever street race in Rome this April.

The newly-designed track follows parts of the unused F1 circuit layout which had been proposed for the 2012 Rome Grand Prix, but never came to pass. The new addition to the Formula E track roster will take place in the Esposizione Universale Roma financial district, a Roman district originally developed for the 1942 world fair.

Clocking in at a lengthy 2.86km, the Circuto Cittadino dell’EUR is the second longest track (after Marrakesh) we have yet seen in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. Nelson Piquet Jr. electrified the streets of Rome in the I-TYPE 2 late last year to launch the Rome E-Prix, commenting that the lengthy, technical course will be a challenging but special race.

The circuit

When: 14th April 2018
Track length: 2.86km
No. of turns: 21
Season 3 Winner: N/A
Season 3 Lap record: N/A
Track direction: Anti-clockwise
Parallax image

City guide

Whilst it is estimated that the colosseum could hold up to 80,000 spectators in its hay day, which made it the largest amphitheater ever created, it is now one of the busiest tourist attractions in Rome.

Around 4,000,000 people a year flock to witness what remains such an architectural triumph, even amongst the high standards of the modern skyscrapers that are being created today. The colosseum remains high on many a bucket list, and is something that must be seen when visiting Rome.


The Vatican City is a country in itself, which lies within Rome. With a population of around 1000, the Vatican City is officially the smallest state in the World, by both area and population.

Do not let the Vatican’s size put you off however, with sights within the Vatican such as St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine chapel to name a few, you will be wowed when turning around every corner when traversing the ancient streets of this country within a city.

Vatican City

A canon is fired from Gianicolo Hill each day at noon, which can be heard throughout the city of Rome on a quiet day. 

Whilst this is an impressive spectacle in itself, the views offered from the west of the City are unrivaled. Gianicolo hill is not considered to be one of the famous Seven Hills of Rome, yet it still offers panoramic views that stretch right across the city, which are worth the trip in itself. 

Gianicolo Hill

Whilst the hustle and bustle of the Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain may be too much for some, the Appia Antica offers a more relaxed escape.

It is recommended to hire a bicycle and cycle through time, as the park is home to a number of ancient relics. Whilst some may view this activity as a peaceful alternative, the park is also home to some interesting tourist attractions, such as the catacombs of Rome and the Villa of the Quintilii.

Appia Antica Regional Park

The championship races

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