Working with us

GKN ePowertrain’s culture is summarized by a set of simple principles. These principles shape every activity, every day, around the world. They made GKN ePowertrain the industry leader in drivetrain systems.

These principles are supported by Leadership Behaviours that make it clear what is expected of all GKN ePowertrain people to ensure that this is a business that lives its values.

Opportunities are made

Opportunities are made
  • Our ability to adapt is key to success
  • We drive technological change in our operations to deliver the technological advances customers need
  • We strive to be at the cutting-edge of new technology
  • We pursue technologies that create value
  • We win by getting things done
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Making a difference is a priority

Making a difference is a priority
GKN’s Twinster AWD system intelligently distributes power to the rear wheels
  • We are dedicated to technology and industrialisation
  • We push to be at the forefront
  • We work with colleagues around the world and across functions to solve problems
  • The precision and intelligence of our technology makes a difference to customer and end-users, worldwide
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Better never rests

Better never rests
Lean Enterprise training delivered to over 250 leaders in 2015
    • We have a need to make things better – a drive for continuous improvement
    • We don’t take what we have for granted
    • We are dedicated to our company
    • We trust and empower our people
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Good engineering is about people

Good engineering is about people
GKN ePowertrain’s online training academy enables employees to access development options from their workplace or home
    • We listen to our customers
    • We keep our promises
    • We are good people to work with
    • We look after people, providing interesting opportunities and space to grow
    • We provide financial stability and success for the long term
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Always do the right thing

Always do the right thing
GKN ePowertrain’s own global personal safety programme, thinkSAFE!, helps our employees stay safe at work
    • The health and safety of our people is paramount
    • We use our best judgement in all situations
    • We are honest and lead by example
    • We are proud of what we do and how we do it

Leadership behaviours

GKN ePowertrain’s Leadership Behaviours give managers clear standards to follow and provide solid foundations for its corporate culture.


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